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ASAP system to be offline for software upgrade

By Leigh Anne Gullett
Public Affairs Specialist

(Jan. 18, 2006)--The ASAP student information system, which uses Banner software, will be unavailable from 5 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 2 until 7 a.m., Monday, Feb. 6 because of a major system upgrade.

Students, faculty and staff are advised to take care of any urgent business that requires the use of ASAP or Banner before 5 p.m. Thursday, because no one will have access to the system during the upgrade.

The system upgrade affects fiscal services, financial aid, admissions, registrar and the Enrollment Services Center.

Faculty and staff who use Banner regularly must browse through the Internet tutorial on the new Banner system before the upgrade is complete. Download the tutorial instructions.

Faculty and staff Banner users (PC only) also should have J-Initiator software installed on their computers by the Help Desk. If Help Desk staff have not installed the software on your computer or contacted you to arrange installation, call the Help Desk at (210) 458-5538.

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