BSE Building courtyard
Biotechnology, Sciences and Engineering Building

New sciences, engineering building approaches dedication

(Jan. 10, 2006)--Researchers and staff members are moving into UTSA's Biotechnology, Sciences and Engineering (BSE) Building, which will be dedicated next month.

The $83.7 million 220,000-square-foot facility will be the largest building at UTSA and one of the biggest classroom/research facilities in the UT System.

Pictured at left is an unusual view from the courtyard of the new building.

The building is designed from the ground up to support the vision of a premier research university and is characterized by collaboration, innovation and openness to new ways of thinking.

The first floor features engineering research laboratories and departmental faculty offices. The second floor will house teaching laboratories with a multipurpose room and office suites for the deans of the colleges of engineering and sciences. The third level will house biology laboratories and a vivarium, and the fourth floor will house chemistry laboratories.

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