parking pay station
Parking pay station

New pay stations smooth parking process

(Jan. 17, 2006)--UTSA Parking and Transportation Services announced today the installation of four parking pay stations at the 1604 Campus.

The stations take the place of individual parking meters for 24 spaces in parking lot 2 adjacent to the new parking garage. The garage is north of the Humanities and Social Sciences Building.

The pay stations were installed inside the garage at the southeast and southwest corners, in the University Center first floor lobby and in the John Peace Library Building first floor lobby.

Instead of returning to your space where you formerly would "feed the meter" up to the three-hour limit, the new system allows fee payment remotely at any of the four pay stations. In the near future, MasterCard and Discover credit cards will be accepted at the pay stations.

Customers must make note of the number of the space in which their car is parked in lot 2, then enter the number and pay for the space up to the three-hour limit -- with the convenience of adding time at any station without returning to a vehicle.

For more information, contact Parking and Transportation Services at (210) 458-PARK (7275).


How to use a parking pay station

  1. If station is in screensaver mode, press start button located just below the screen.
  2. Enter the number of the stall in which your vehicle is parked.
  3. Insert cash or coins at payment request. (MasterCard and Discover credit cards will be accepted in the near future.)
  4. Retrieve receipt from receipt tray. (Keep receipt as a record of your stall number in case you want to add time later.)

How to add time to a parking purchase

  1. If station is in screensaver mode, press start button.
  2. Enter stall number.
  3. Select to add additional time.
  4. Enter add-time number, which is found on receipt.
  5. Insert payment.
  6. Retrieve receipt from receipt tray.

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