Spring Frost Folly
Spring Frost Folly
Spring Frost Folly
UTSA Spring Frost Folly
(Photos: Mark McClendon)

Snow hits UTSA Convocation Center east lawn

By Leigh Anne Gullett
Public Affairs Specialist

(Jan. 17, 2006)--Baby, it's cold outside... and Old Man Winter was here to welcome back students from the winter break with a special event from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday at the UTSA Convocation Center east lawn. UTSA classes started today after the break.

The 2006 Spring Frost Folly, sponsored by the University Center, brought 15,000 pounds of fresh, real snow to UTSA-- enough to build snow people and have snowball fights at the 1604 Campus.

There were snacks and hot cocoa at the event, as well as music and games. Pure Party Ice provided the snow.















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