UTSA Access Control Center improves services

By Douglas Sonego
Captain, UTSA Police Department

(Feb. 23, 2006)--The Access Control Center of the UTSA Police Department has made several enhancements to its operations with the goal of improving access control request processing and increasing communication with university staff regarding request completion dates.

The enhancements include a new Access Control Center Web site, a revised card access request form and a program to promote greater communication with Access Control staff members.

The new Web site provides the UTSA community with information on the university key policy, operations of Locknetics- and DSX-equipped rooms, and Access Control Center staff contact information. Additionally, users can download a copy of the Police Access Request for Mechanical Keys form as a PDF document.

To improve communication, the new Web site includes two updated PowerPoint training modules to help educate customers on Access Control Center operations.

The modules include:

  • The Access Control Training for administrative services officers (ASOs) or administrative assistants (AAs) includes processes, procedures and a step-by-step guide to access control issues.
  • The Access Control Training for faculty and staff aids new UTSA community members in understanding access control issues. Improvements also have been made in processing confirmation procedures. ASOs and designated AAs who send in access requests with a Web-based card access request form or the mechanical keys form will be notified via e-mail when the Access Control Center has received the request.
  • Estimated dates of completion and notification when the request has been completed will be sent to the requestor.

In an effort to meet customer service goals in the Access Control Center, staff will make more face-to-face contact with UTSA community members while responding to work orders. The goal of these face-to-face contacts is to increase communication, better serve customers and to educate faculty and staff on the Access Control Center's mission. Staff members shouldn't be surprised if an Access Control Center staff member visits their departments to talk about the improvements.

The Web-based card access request form has been upgraded in many areas with more useful information that will speed up the handling of requests. Upgrades include a drop-down menu with a list of UTSA buildings with electronic access doors (Locknetics and DSX ), fields for phone numbers and fields to indicate staff or student status.

The UTSA Police Department Access Control Center is committed to fulfilling every access need in the tri-campus community.

For more information, contact Jim Keienburg, Access Control Center manager, at (210) 458-7144.

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