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UT System regents approve tuition, fee rates

(March 31, 2006)--The UT System Board of Regents on Tuesday, March 28 approved tuition and fee rates for the next two years after reviewing campus proposals submitted to the UT System.

The tuition and fee increases approved by the board at Tuesday's meeting varied at each institution for full-time resident undergraduate students, including statutory tuition, designated tuition, and all mandatory fees. Regents approved rates for two years largely at the request of students who desired more financial predictability.

"Students at UTSA want more services and are willing to pay for them," said Jason Palasota, UTSA student government president, in a March 29 story in the San Antonio Express-News. Palasota and other student leaders said UTSA students were actively involved in the tuition-rate process.

According to a national study released by the State Higher Education Executives Organization last week, "Despite an appropriations increase of 3.5 percent in fiscal year 2005, constant dollar per student state and local funding for public colleges and universities was at the lowest point in 25 years … Support per student decreased dramatically from 2001 to 2005 because enrollment grew at 14.3 percent and inflation grew by 14.2 percent, without corresponding increases in public funding."

Read more about UTSA and UT System tuition at the UTSA Tuition and Fees Web site.

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