award winner with colleagues
From left are Asst. Police Chief Dan Pena, Chief Dave Hernandez,
Sgt. Paul English, Patrol Capt. Dan Kiley and Capt. Doug Sonego.

UTSA Spotlight: Business Affairs Celebrating Excellence Award goes to Paul English

(April 28, 2006)--The UTSA Office of Business Affairs has honored Sgt. Paul English, UTSA Police Department, as the second-quarter recipient of the Celebrating Excellence Award.

Taking the position of patrol sergeant to a new level, English expects excellence from all who work for him as well as himself. He has been described by his peers as a "sergeant who makes you want to be a better sergeant."

English is successful in building team unity and pride, involving all the personnel on his shift in training scenarios. Giving updates on training practices, laws, officer safety and law enforcement news are all priorities.

His main concern on the job is keeping his troops safe on the street and performing with accuracy and confidence. Each day, he recognizes fallen police officers as a reality check to keep his officers from getting in the "it's-not-going-to-happen-to-me" mind-set.

He has implemented several motivational programs. This semester, he launched the "Best Shined Boots" and "Speed Handcuffing" contests with prizes awarded to officers that use the least amount of sick time each semester.

As a police officer, English serves as a role model and sets an example in his personal virtues and standards. His pride in his "Mighty Second Shift" keeps the morale at an all-time high. It has been said that when you are on his shift, not only is it a pleasure to come to work, but you look forward to it.

UTSA Police Chief Dave Hernandez said, "Sgt. English has a passion and a heart for people which makes him a really great leader. He is 100 percent committed to helping the community."

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