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UTSA partners in award-winning high school program

By Tim Brownlee
Assistant Director of Public Affairs

(May 26, 2006)--UTSA is celebrating the 10th year of a successful partnership with the Engineering and Technologies Academy, a magnet program at San Antonio's Roosevelt High School. The Technology Student Associations (TSA) recently honored the distance-learning program as the best engineering principles program in Texas.

More than 20 UTSA professors and staff members from across the university have participated in several academy courses that are credited with inspiring students to take the next step to attend a college or university.

According to William Sturgis, director of the Engineering and Technologies Academy, many of the high school students who participate in the program would not have considered college or the field of engineering without the special classes.

"Since we began our interaction with UTSA, we have had countless numbers of students receive many scholarships to help them get started and then go on to complete their post-secondary degrees," said Sturgis. "I feel that we owe UTSA a great deal of gratitude for supporting our program."

Sturgis and other Roosevelt staff members work closely with Bill Angrove, UTSA assistant vice provost for distance learning and academic technology, to plan and implement the distance learning classes.

"We congratulate the Roosevelt team for their success at the state competition," said Angrove. "And we want to thank the UTSA faculty and staff for their hard work and dedication. Their support as guest lecturers makes the program possible."

One course, Engineering Orientation, helps students feel more at ease about attending college and exposes them to the field of engineering and its breadth of career opportunities. Another course, College 101, provides the opportunity for the students to interact with UTSA professors, financial aid representatives and advisers to gain a better understanding of the college experience, application procedures and career opportunities. A third course, Careers in Technology, supplements College 101.

"Our students that complete the courses have by far been the most motivated," said Sturgis. "Seeing the enthusiasm of the students in the class would just send goose bumps down you. It is very exciting to watch students who are first enthused about being in a learning environment and are excited about what they didn't know, and then want to learn more."

The TSA award was based on student projects submitted on solar energy, biotechnology, power generation, principles of flight, electricity, hydroelectric power, laser technology, global positioning systems, satellite communications, robotics and a written engineering principles test.

The distance-learning classes, topics and presenters were:

Careers and Technology

Richard Howe, retired professor of engineering -- Overview of Engineering
Enos Inniss, assistant professor of engineering -- Civil Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering
Woodie Spivey, associate professor of engineering -- Aerospace Engineering
Dawnlee Roberson, assistant professor of engineering -- Biomedical Engineering
Dr. David Cohen, chief of cardiothoracic surgery, Brook Army Medical Center -- Mechanical Engineering and Surgery
Randy Manteufel, associate professor of engineering -- Mechanical Engineering
Milo Silva, director of academic technology, distance learning -- Communication Technology
Dave Sebald, associate professor of music -- Music Technology, Multimedia
Linda Shepherd, information systems lecturer -- Computer Programming
Chino Rao, associate professor of information systems -- E-Commerce
Steve Brown, environmental sciences -- Global Positioning Systems, Geographic Information Systems
Margaret Costantino, career counselor -- Career Exploration

College 101

Ricardo Romo, UTSA president -- Video Profile
Rosalie Ambrosino, UTSA provost and vice president for academic affairs -- Campus Life
Jesse Zapata, UTSA vice provost, Downtown Campus -- Choosing the Right College
Jennifer Ehlers, director of admissions
Lisa Blazer. UTSA assistant vice president for financial aid
Joe Lazor, director, UTeach Program
Barry McKinney, associate director of student activities -- Cultural Programs
Rick Nixon, former director of sports information -- Athletics
Cynthia Inkpen -- Financial Aid
Ricardo Gonzalez, executive director of K-16 initiatives -- Scoring Well on the SAT/ACT
Steven Levitt, associate professor of communications and Department of Communication chair -- Classroom Survival Skills
Sabina Kapoor, associate director for outreach, Tomas Rivera Center for Student Success -- Student Advising
Margaret Costantino, career counselor -- Career Services
Rita Cortez, executive director of TRIO programs -- Video Profile

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