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UT regents approve UTSA marketing doctorate

By Anthony de Bruyn
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for External Relations and Assistant Director for Public Affairs, UT System

(May 12, 2006)--One new degree and planning authority for seven other degree programs at institutions in the University of Texas System were approved by the UT System Board of Regents on Thursday, May 11.

A UTSA doctorate in marketing was approved, and six UTSA programs were approved for planning. The programs will go to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for final approval.

The regents approved a doctoral degree in marketing within the Ph.D. in business administration degree at UTSA. The addition of the marketing area of emphasis is designed to prepare leading professionals in the field of marketing to address shortages of faculty in this field and to produce graduates with the advanced knowledge required to conduct original academic research aimed at solving practical marketing problems.

The regents also approved preliminary planning authority for six additional UTSA doctoral programs and one at UT Dallas.

Planning was approved for UTSA doctor of musical arts degrees (D.M.A.) in performance and pedagogy, and choral conducting. The objective of the D.M.A. program will be to attract a large cross-section of students holding degrees in music education, vocal performance, choral conducting, musicology and perhaps the physical sciences. No doctoral program exists that focuses on merging performance and pedagogy in the choral area.

Additionally, UTSA planning was approved for a Ph.D. in child development and a Ph.D. in public administration and social service professions. The Ph.D. program in child development will help meet the need for doctoral level professionals trained to address the growing need for researchers who address the issues of child health and learning, as well as for individuals responsible for developing educational policies to optimize outcomes in those areas.

The Ph.D. program in public administration and social service professions will facilitate collaborations that will yield interdisciplinary approaches to consequential research questions, and provide education and training directly related to health, security and cross-cultural issues. Specifically, the Ph.D. in public administration and social service professions would integrate curricula and research across the Departments of Public Administration, Criminal Justice and Social Work.

Also at UTSA, planning will begin on a master's degree in city/urban, community and regional planning and a master's degree in health and kinesiology. The proposed M.A. degree in city/urban, community and regional planning would complement the current M.S. in architecture with an international practice focus -- the only program of its kind in the United States -- and will afford opportunities for dual-degree programs with architecture, public administration, and criminal justice.

The proposed M.A. program in health and kinesiology will include a core set of courses that all master's degree students will be required to take, as well as specific courses that will build expertise in health and kinesiology.

At UT Dallas, planning will commence for a doctoral degree in translation studies and a doctoral degree in arts and technology. The Ph.D. program in translation studies will be designed to produce a new generation of professionals, scholars, and teachers in the emerging field of translation studies.

The Ph.D. program in arts and technology will be designed to produce a new generation of professionals, scholars, and teachers in an emerging field that is still in the process of definition. The core knowledge of this field draws from the convergence of research in the humanities, the creative and performing arts, visual communications design, engineering and computer science.

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