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UTSA aims to shorten white pages listings

(May 11, 2006)--What is black and white and costs more than $32,000 each year? The pages of UTSA's phone numbers in the San Antonio phone book business directory. The white pages include 445 of UTSA's phone numbers.

As the university looks for ways to reduce costs, officials would like to reduce the number of offices and programs listed in the business white pages.

"As listings increase in cost, it may be time for us to consider how valuable each listing is," said David Gabler, assistant vice president for university communications. "We frequently hear from individuals that they use the Internet to find a phone number, and that means they may not be using the traditional directory."

Before the university submits a new, streamlined list of phone numbers to be printed in the white pages, there will be a review of the current listings to identify offices that could be contacted through a central area number.

Glenda Norton, director of telecommunications, will e-mail on May 15 a list with current white pages listings to the Office of the President, vice presidents' offices, Office of the Vice Provost - Downtown Campus, Office of the Executive Director - Institute of Texan Cultures and the deans' offices.

Each of these offices will send the list to the areas reporting to them in order to condense the listings for each area. The shortened lists should be returned to the offices listed above by 5 p.m. June 2 for review and e-mailed to Norton by 5 p.m. June 9.

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