filming at UTSA
filming at UTSA
Discovery Channel's "Mystery Hunters" filming at UTSA
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UTSA to be showcased on Discovery Channel show

By Kris Rodriguez
Public Affairs Specialist

(June 12, 2006)--UTSA's new $84 million Biotechnology, Sciences and Engineering (BSE) Building served recently as the backdrop for an episode of the Discovery Channel's "Mystery Hunters." Filmed two weeks ago at UTSA, the 30-minute television show will air in 10 countries this fall on the DiscoveryKids channel.

Produced by Apartment 11 Productions in Montreal, Canada, "Mystery Hunters" features two young investigative reporters and a stage magician who search for answers to some of the greatest mysteries on Earth and beyond. The program received the 2005 Parents' Choice Award for outstanding educational programming.

Filmed in the laboratory of Mauli Agrawal, UTSA professor and interim dean of the College of Engineering, the episode focuses on the legend of the "chupacabra," a hairless, dog-like creature alleged to attack livestock.

As part of the program's investigation, UT Austin paleontologist Pamela Owen compared alleged chupacabra bones with those of other animals. According to Owen, the supposed chupacabra bones were most likely from a coyote with a bad case of mange.

In addition to the laboratory scenes, the Apartment 11 production crew shot exterior footage of UTSA venues including the BSE Building, the Science Building and the entrance at UTSA Boulevard. In the show, the BSE Building will be identified as the filming location and UTSA will be included in the closing credits.

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