Gregory ConstantineD'Lisa Fernandez
Ruth KovnerCarlos Rosto
Lydia Villa
Top row Gregory Michael Constantine and D'Lisa Ann Fernandez
Center row: Ruth Kovner and Carlos Rosto
Bottom row: Lydia Nichole Villa

UTSA students attend Baylor pre-med program

(July 13, 2006)--Five UTSA undergraduate students are spending the summer studying at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), Texas Children's Hospital and Rice University as part of the Honors Premedical Academy (HPA).

UTSA students selected for the program are Gregory Michael Constantine, junior biology major and a graduate of Communication Arts High School, San Antonio; D'Lisa Ann Fernandez, junior science major, Honors College member and graduate of Victoria (Texas) High School; Ruth Kovner, junior in biology and mathematics, Honors College member and graduate of James Taylor High School, Katy, Texas; Carlos Rosto, sophomore biology major, Honors College member and graduate of Thomas Edison High School, San Antonio; and Lydia Nichole Villa, arts and humanities student, Honors College member and graduate of Communication Arts High School, San Antonio.

Funded by the three institutions, HPA was designed to increase the number of physicians from groups that have been historically underrepresented in medicine.

The students will participate in academic and clinical activities including anatomy and physiology taught by BCM faculty, medical communications taught by Rice faculty and clinical preceptorships with BCM faculty members. Many of the students also will observe clinical activities at Texas Children's Hospital. The students will be housed at Rice University.

The students will attend seminars on medical ethics and hear speakers from various medical specialties. Participants are mentored by BCM medical students and receive advice on medical school admissions from faculty and administrators.

"The students get a preview of what going through medical school would be like," says Pamela Ferry, HPA director. "The coursework is rigorous and the schedule is demanding, but the overall experience is exciting and provides continuous motivation and encouragement to become a doctor."

Since HPA began in 1989, 1,987 students have participated in the program. More than 73 percent of former HPA students who have applied to medical school have been accepted.

For more information, contact April Sutton, Baylor University, at (713) 798-4710.

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