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Share your story about the State Employee Charitable Campaign

By Albert Carrisalez
Assistant to the President and Director for External Affairs

(July 19, 2006)--In September, we launch UTSA's 2006 State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC). Have you or a loved one utilized a service from a local charity or agency that is supported by SECC? Have you given to SECC in past? If so, you may have a personal story you would like to share on UTSA Today.

If so, we invite you to send a brief paragraph and a photo of you and a loved one. Your story could be about, for example, being a part of Big Brothers and Big Sisters, having your child attend a YMCA after-school program, a loved one who benefited from a counseling service or a pet you adopted from the Humane Society.

Last year on UTSA Today you met children, grandchildren, parents, siblings and spouses of UTSA faculty and employees who told you their stories and thanked you for supporting SECC charities.

Based on the agencies you choose to support, your investment in SECC comes back to help UTSA families. In 2004, some 507 UTSA families benefited. Some of those agencies in 2004 included the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Christus Santa Rosa Health Center for Children and Families, and Respite Care.

We would be honored to hear your story about why you give to SECC. Tell us why SECC partner agencies are important to you. The donation level of your gift doesn't matter -- giving at any level is what matters most. Whatever your personal connection to SECC -- please share it with us. E-mail your words and photos to and they will be featured on UTSA Today during August and September. Thanks for all you do for UTSA!

For more information, call (210) 458-5138.

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