Kyle Murray
Kyle Murray
(Photo by Evangelina Williams)

UTSA professor receives funding for waterway project

By Evangelina Williams
Student Intern, Office of Public Affairs

(Aug. 11, 2006)-- Kyle Murray, UTSA assistant professor of hydrogeology and geographical information systems, recently received a $50,000 grant from the City of San Antonio for a project titled "Management Practices for Natural Waterways."

The project team is made up of local groups including the San Antonio River Authority (SARA), citizens who live along waterways and the UTSA Center for Water Research. Together, they will develop a document that contains easy-to-use guidelines for management practices such as removing natural and man-made debris, controlling erosion along waterways, stabilizing stream banks and re-vegetating within the riparian zone, which is the transitional area between the water and surrounding lands.

"Local agencies and landowners in the San Antonio area are responsible for managing waterways," said Murray, "but depending on the watershed and management goal, the practices should differ. There are currently no guidelines established for these tasks."

The idea for the development of waterway management guidelines came from local citizens concerned about how waterways are being managed and protected.

The City of San Antonio also is developing greenways along area creeks and rivers, which will be available for recreation activities. These greenways will help reduce flood damage to area residents and improve water quality.

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