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Freshmen learn about UTSA life at Roadrunner Camp

By Paul Ayala
Assistant Director, Orientation and Transition Services

(Sept. 1, 2006)--UTSA Orientation and Transition Service hosted the 14th annual Roadrunner Camp Aug. 17-18, where more than 120 freshman and freshman transfer students participated in activities to learn about life at UTSA.

With the theme "Miles from Ordinary," students participated in workshops and breakout sessions on diversity awareness, Alcohol 101 and relationships, and enjoyed athletic events.

The UTSA Student Alumni Association hosted a candle-lighting ceremony to allow the students to reflect on the journey that led them to UTSA, the time they will spend at UTSA and their futures as UTSA alumni. Mr. and Ms. UTSA 2006, Rob Linder and Jennifer Villarreal, were the guest speakers for the event.

Following the candle-lighting ceremony was a dance dubbed "Kickin' It at Kokomo," where Student Government Association President Adam Cowdin addressed the freshmen.

The camp concluded with an awards ceremony with honors going to Joe's Jetties for finishing first in the Roadrunner Camp Challenge, Maric "Pooty" Allen for Most Outstanding Camp Leader, Adan's Arrggs for Most Outstanding Team, Stephanie Bettis for Ms. Roadrunner Camp and Chris Bolden for Mr. Roadrunner Camp.

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