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SECC 2006 President's Committee with Rowdy Roadrunner
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President's committee leads UTSA charitable campaign

By Lynn Gosnell
Special Projects Writer

(Sept. 18, 2006)--Twenty-five faculty and staff members from across the UTSA Tri-Campus community are serving as the President's Advisory Committee (PAC) for the 2006 State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC).

Selected by President Ricardo Romo, the committee members are steering a broad effort to inform the UTSA community about the benefits of this annual workplace giving campaign. Last year, 55 percent of UTSA employees contributed more than $212,000 to local, national and international nonprofit charities through the SECC. This year's campaign runs Oct. 3-Nov. 10.

Committee members assist with all aspects of the SECC campaign from planning and publicizing special events and agency field trips to securing prizes and gifts to offer as incentives for employee participation. (Sneak peak: We know that Spurs tickets are among the gifts. Thank you, President Romo for these great Spurs tickets! Each year the incentives get better and better.)

PAC members will be assisted by 150 Area Champions -- faculty and employees who step up to champion the campaign in their respective areas or departments.

Albert Carrisalez, assistant to the president and director for external affairs, will serve for second time as the UTSA SECC chairperson. "I am delighted to be a part of this campaign, working with the PAC team and all of the Area Champions," said Carrisalez. "The level of excitement and enthusiasm with these UTSA volunteers is incredible -- all wanting to make a difference for San Antonio, all wanting to help our fellow UTSA family members who are in need."

Members of the President's Advisory Committee and their respective departments are:

  • Laura Baker (Athletics)
  • Lynn Bishop (Academic Affairs)
  • Tim Brownlee (Public Affairs)
  • Albert Carrisalez (Office of the President/External Affairs)
  • Paul Carter (Development)
  • Rita Cortez (TRIO)
  • Rich Diem (Honors College)
  • Tammy Fernandez (Office of the President/External Affairs)
  • Jane Findling Burton (Alumni Programs)
  • Dorothy Flannagan (Graduate School)
  • Natalie Granado (CIAS)
  • Karen Halamuda (Information Technology)
  • Wanda Heard (Human Resources)
  • Grace Hernandez (Institutional Diversity)
  • Kelly Kam (Research Development)
  • Marianne Lewis (Public Affairs)
  • Edda Mayer (Special Projects)
  • James McDonald (College of Liberal and Fine Arts)
  • Barry McKinney (Student Activities)
  • Gina Mendez (Office of the Vice Provost - Downtown Campus)
  • Irene Mireles (Small Business Development Center)
  • Kelly Jo Stephens (Biology)
  • Jennifer Storm (Office of the President/External Affairs)
  • Denise Villarreal (Institute of Texan Cultures)
  • Bennie Wilson (College of Business)

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