UTSA Library plans for future with survey

By Stefanie Wittenbach
Assistant Dean of Collections, UTSA Library

(Oct. 16, 2006)--As we plan for the future of UTSA Library, it is important to understand our users' perceptions and expectations in order to provide the needed services.

From Oct. 23 through Nov. 17, the UTSA Library asks library patrons to take a survey to assess our services. Known as LibQUAL+, the survey assesses satisfaction with services, facilities and collections at academic libraries around the world. The results are used to set priorities, establish strategic planning initiatives, identify best practices and address service inadequacies.

UTSA faculty, students and staff are invited to submit their views of the UTSA Library through a Web-based survey. You also can pick up a paper survey at any UTSA Library location at the 1604 Campus, Downtown Campus and Institute of Texan Cultures. The LibQUAL+ survey consists of 43 questions and takes 13 minutes or less to complete.

There will be no monetary compensation for completing the survey, but 50 incentive prizes will be offered as thanks to participants. At the end of the Web-based survey, respondents can elect to include an e-mail address, which will enter them in a prize drawing.

Prizewinners will be notified at the e-mail address entered in the survey between Nov. 20 and Dec. 1. Prizes include an iPod, $50-$100 gift certificates, bowling and popcorn parties at University Bowl, four tickets to the Botanical Garden, popular novels from Barnes and Noble bookstores, and free food coupons from McDonald's and Chipotle restaurants.

Survey results will be available to the UTSA community in spring 2007. Details will be posted on the library's LibQUAL+ Web site and linked to the UTSA Library home page.

For more information on the survey, visit the UTSA Library LibQUAL+ Web site, e-mail or call (210) 458-4887.

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