Top photo: From left, UTSA Meals on Wheels volunteers from
University Heights are (front row) Karen Halamuda, Alex
Morones, Judy Vernon and Lance Pritchard; (middle row)
Maria Holloway, Anne Jett, Patty Clark and Laurie Trevino;
and (back row) Todd Kopas and Joseph Vidauarri. Bottom
photo: From left, volunteers from the 1604 Campus are Donna
Nanny, Janice Kramer, Crystal Juarez, Rosalinda Stead,
Salma Ferdous, Brian Cordeau and Fortino Munoz.
Team members not available for the photo are Diana Lopez
and Lisa Johnston.

SECC Impact: UTSA volunteers deliver Meals on Wheels

By Alex Morones
Technical Writer and Editor, Office of Information Technology

(Oct. 26, 2006)--Each weekday, teams of UTSA employees head out from their University Heights and 1604 Campus offices to deliver Meals on Wheels to 16 clients in the Medical Center area on a weekly basis.

Meals on Wheels is a program administered by Christian Senior Services, a charity eligible for State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) gifts. Programs across the country help ensure that senor citizens receive proper nutrition.

"When I asked for help, 10 employees volunteered to deliver meals on their lunch hour," said Karen Halamuda, senior systems analyst in the Office of Information Technology.

The 10 University Heights employees are divided into five groups of two in order to cover all five weekdays. Eight employees from the 1604 Campus also deliver meals.

It's an important program, since many of the clients may not have the means or ability to prepare a healthy meal every day.

Besides providing a meal, the delivery service offers an added benefit. If there is no answer at the door when a meal is delivered, Christian Senior Services calls the client to make sure there are no problems.

According to Halamuda, "It's a small gesture on our part, but it is rewarding. Every one of our clients is glad to see us every day, and they always take the time to thank us."

Currently, there are many people on the Meals on Wheels waiting list, and more drivers are needed to deliver meals.

Learn more about the Meals on Wheels program at the Christian Senior Services Web site.


UTSA's SECC continues through Nov. 10. Remember to return your completed donation form to your Area Champion. Now is the time to make your donation.

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