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Alumni Association to honor faculty, staff alumni

By Marcia Mattingly
Office of Alumni Programs

(Nov. 7, 2006)--The UTSA Alumni Association wants to connect with and celebrate UTSA faculty and staff who also are UTSA alumni... and they are invited to an event in their honor.

A luncheon for UTSA alumni who are UTSA employees is noon, Thursday, Nov. 9 in the Business Building University Room (2.06.04) on the 1604 Campus.

"The event is an opportunity to learn more about the UTSA Alumni Association," said Jane Burton, director of alumni programs. "We want to thank you for your loyalty to the university, not only as a graduate, but also as employees. We look forward to seeing you there."

To make a reservation for the luncheon, call (210) 458-4133.



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