student at soda machine
UTSA student Diana Vara tries a new card-reader
soda machine at the 1604 Campus.

UTSA vending machine sodas increase 25 cents

By Tim Brownlee
Assistant Director of Public Affairs

(Dec. 21, 2006)--The price of soda in UTSA vending machines increased Dec. 15 from $1 to $1.25. But, it was the first price increase in more than two years, according to Corinne Vela-Zapata, UTSA director of auxiliary services.

"When the vendor informed us there would be a price increase on Pepsi products, we wanted to make the best of the situation," said Vela-Zapata. "So, we negotiated for something that would improve service to our customers, and they agreed to replace 20 soda machines with card readers that permit cashless purchases."

The 20 new Pepsi machines at the 1604 Campus accept payment by UTSACard or cash.

"We think everyone will like the convenience of the card-reader machines," added Vela-Zapata. "And, if they are a hit, we will consider adding more around the campuses."

UTSA community members can use Rowdy Dollars on their UTSACards to purchase drinks from the specially equipped machines. To make a purchase, swipe your UTSACard through the reader, make your beverage selection, pick up your soda and your card balance will be displayed on the machine panel.

The card-reader machine locations are:

  • John Peace Library Building food court
  • University Center first-floor airport lounge
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Building second and third floors
  • Multidisciplinary Sciences Building computer lab
  • Business Building second and third floors
  • Main Building first floor

For more information, contact the UTSACard office at (210) 458-4639.


More about the UTSACard

  • The UTSACard is an all-in-one card that is the official identification card for UTSA students and employees. It can be used as a debit card to pay for everything from on-campus meals to tuition.
  • The UTSACard is used by students to participate in the meal plan program, to make rent payments for the University Oaks and Chisholm Hall residence facilities, and to pay for Chaparral Village laundry services.
  • For the entire UTSA community, the card allows access to other UTSA services such as copy machines, Fiscal Services, library fine payment, bookstores and tickets at the University Center information desk.
  • Rowdy Dollars is the UTSACard debit declining-balance program. An account is activated by adding funds to the UTSACard, allowing convenient cashless on-campus purchases. There are no fees to participate in the program, and no minimum balance is required. Balances roll from one semester to the next as long as the card user is enrolled in UTSA classes or is a UTSA employee.
  • Add funds to a UTSACard online or in person at the 1604 and Downtown campuses at Fiscal Services and cash value payment machines in the computer labs, the libraries and other locations.
  • Read more at the UTSACard Web site.

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