Great Conversation 2006

UTSA Honors Colllege hosts 'Great Conversation'

By Ashley Harris
Public Affairs Specialist

(Feb. 13, 2007)--The UTSA Honors College will host the seventh annual "Great Conversation! La Sobremesa" at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 27 at UTSA's Institute of Texan Cultures.

The signature fundraiser for the UTSA Honors College and a unique event in San Antonio, the evening is in a dinner-party format with community leaders and UTSA professors hosting conversations on stimulating topics.

Supporting Honors College scholarships, the evening of food and conversation features more than 65 tables with discussion topics related to business, arts, popular culture, history, education and current events.

Wine and a buffet supper are at 6:30 p.m., followed by dessert, coffee and conversation at 7:30. Each table seats 10 and is assigned a conversation topic and a leader who is a faculty member, public official, local personality or other expert.

Conversation leaders this year include Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas on border security and immigration issues, Ernesto Ancira Jr. on how to sell anything, former Spurs mascot Tim Derk on why we need sports mascots, Professor Steven Boyd on the Constitution during wartime and Judge Peter Sakai on how the legal system can help families and children.

Tickets are $85, $55 for UTSA alumni. For tickets, call (210) 458-4128.

For more information on table topics and online reservations, visit the Great Conversation Web site.

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