UTSA police chief parachute jump
UTSA Police Chief David Hernandez jumps with Golden Knights

Police chief takes to skies with Golden Knights

By Daniel Mishket
U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and Professor of Military Science

(Feb. 16, 2007)--As part of the Army All-American Bowl football game, Army ROTC units around Texas were given the opportunity to nominate one individual for a tandem jump with the Golden Knights for a jump on Jan 3 or 4.

UTSA Police Chief David Hernandez was selected to represent UTSA. It was the first year the program was available in San Antonio.

The Golden Knights is an award-winning U.S. Army parachute team with a demonstration and competition team. The organization does outreach to the public with tandem jumps.

A tandem jump consists of jumping out of a plane attached to a Golden Knight expert parachutist at approximately 13,000 feet for a 30-50 second free-fall before landing safely on the ground.

Hernandez went through a two-hour training class before going up in the Golden Knight aircraft for the jump of a lifetime.

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