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New Rowdy Dollars express lane opens in JPL

By Tim Brownlee
Assistant Director of Public Affairs

(March 16, 2007)--UTSA dining service provider Chartwells will offer a speedier checkout option beginning Monday, March 19 in the John Peace Library Building food court on the 1604 Campus. To speed up checkout, only cash and the UTSACard will be accepted in the new Fast Track express lane.

Marked with a sign and a flashing light, the express lane will open at 11:45 a.m., Monday, and the first student to go through will win a prize.

According to newly hired Chartwells Marketing Director Shelly Gonzales, Fast Track was established in response to student requests. Only cash, Meal Trades and Rowdy Dollars on the UTSACard will be accepted in the special lane, while all other lanes will accept these modes of payment plus credit and debit cards.

"Because credit cards can take longer to process, it can slow down the line," said Gonzales. "Many times you might have just one or two items, and the express lane will keep the line moving. I want to thank Chartwells retail director Gregorio Gutierrez and food services director Jon Spellman for helping to set up this new service."

Meal Trades is a meal program for students, faculty and staff. An account is purchased and added to the UTSACard, which is used to redeem meals at all UTSA dining locations. To check the balance, you can call the UTSACard office at (210) 458-4639.

Rowdy Dollars is a debit declining-balance program that also uses the UTSACard. An account is activated by adding funds to the card, and purchases can be made on campus at dining services, vending machines and many other locations that accept cards. With no fees for the account and no minimum balance required, Rowdy Dollars are added to the card at the UTSACard office.

Rowdy Dollars also are accepted at the Chaparral Village laundry, student copiers, PrintSmart in the labs and libraries, UTSA bookstores, Student Health Services, Campus Recreation, Testing Services, University Center information desk, University Center Copy Express and for rent payments at University Oaks apartments and the Chisholm Hall student residence.

For more information, call Shelly Gonzales at (210) 458-4209 or visit the UTSACard Web site.

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