New vending supplier brings healthier foods

By Shelley Kilpatrick
Student Writer, College of Liberal and Fine Arts

(March 2, 2007)--During Spring Break, March 12-16, food vending machines will be replaced at the UTSA Tri-campuses by a new snack vending supplier, Canteen Vending Services. Current food vending machines will remain stocked until Spring Break. The new vending machines will be fully stocked and ready within two days after removal of old ones.

The new vendor will bring a wider variety of snacks, ice cream, cold food, gourmet coffee and healthy choices such as Balanced Choice sandwiches, salads and low-fat items.

"The really good news about Canteen is that they will provide healthier food choices and a broader range of items," said Corinne Vela-Zapata, UTSA director of auxiliary services. "Also, over the next several months we will add the UTSACard-swipe feature to some food machines, as we have on some soda machines." The UTSACard-swipe allows customers to use their UTSACard Rowdy Dollars for purchases.

New ice cream machines will be placed in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building and the University Center at the 1604 Campus and in the Frio Street Building at the Downtown Campus.

Cold food machines are located in the University Center at the 1604 Campus and the Monterey Building at the Downtown Campus.

For more information, contact Corinne Vela-Zapata at (210) 458-4970.

New vending machine food choices

  • Wolfgang Puck gourmet coffee
  • Baked potato with fat-free sour cream
  • Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets
  • Vegetables with fat-free ranch dressing
  • Balanced Choice turkey, ham and tuna sandwiches
  • Balance Choice chef salads
  • Nathan's hot dogs
  • Krystal cheeseburgers
  • Turkey and ham sandwiches on focaccia bread
  • Blimpie sandwiches
  • Meatball sub sandwich
  • Tony Roma rib sandwich
  • Apple and cheese danishes
  • Burritos
  • Animal crackers
  • Frozen and fresh fruit
  • Baked Lay's chips
  • Bagels with cream cheese
  • Honey buns
  • Cracker Jack

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