UTSA groups co-host International Women's Day

By Patricia Quijada
Assistant Professor, College of Education and Human Development

(March 2, 2007)--As part of Women's History Month, the UTSA Women's Studies Institute and the Office of Institutional Diversity will co-sponsor the 16th annual International Woman's Day March and Rally from 9 a.m. to noon, Saturday, March 3.

Participants will assemble for the march at 9 a.m. in Travis Park at Navarro and Travis streets in downtown San Antonio. A rally will follow at Plaza del Zacate, Milam Park, at Commerce and Santa Rosa streets.

At the rally, youths, artists and activists will speak, read and perform. Additionally, there will be information tables on international and local social issues.

International Woman's Day is officially observed March 8 to commemorate an 1857 march and demonstration in New York City by female garment and textile workers. Protesting inhumane working conditions, child labor and 16-hour workdays, women marched from New York's Lower East Side to rich neighborhoods to bring attention to their cause by those who profited from their labor. The intent was to demand an eight-hour workday, end child labor and obtain the right to vote.

Other event sponsors include Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, Fuerza Unida, Martinez Street Women's Center, SALIR, Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social and the PEACE Initiative.

For more information, contact the Women's Studies Institute at (210) 458-6277, the Office of Institutional Diversity at (210) 458-4120, Esperanza Peace and Justice Center at (210) 228-0201 or Fuerza Unida at (210) 927-2294.

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