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Top photo: Prospective students tour a laboratory. Bottom photo: Professor
George Negrete talks to prospective students about graduate programs.

UTSA hosts Ph.D. student recruitment event

By Kris Rodriguez
Public Affairs Specialist

(April 11, 2007)--The UTSA College of Sciences and the UTSA Graduate School hosted the inaugural Doctoral Student Recruitment Weekend March 9-10 in the Biotechnology, Sciences and Engineering Building on the 1604 Campus.

"A key part of the college and its resources is to focus on student success," said George Perry, dean of the UTSA College of Sciences and recruitment weekend originator. "Seventy-five percent of the university's external research funding comes from the College of Sciences, and most of that research comes in the context of student education and involvement."

At the weekend event, more than 30 doctoral degree program applicants viewed laboratory facilities and attended presentations, and then were taken for a tour of San Antonio.

"I want to be a professor, so there is a great opportunity here for teaching," said Tricia Van Laar, a prospective cell and molecular biology student from Stockton, Calif. "There are also so many diverse faculty research interests that I think UTSA would be a fantastic opportunity for me."

George Negrete, professor of chemistry and diversity officer for the College of Sciences, praised the involvement and participation of the seven departments in the college: biology, chemistry, computer science, earth and environmental science, mathematics, and physics and astronomy.

"We have a lot of doctoral programs, and we have to work on attracting more high-quality students to them because they will be the ones conducting the research for faculty in those departments," said Negrete. "Our goal is to compete with the major institutions in attracting these high-quality scholars."

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