Frida Grandisima
From UTSA Art Collection: "Frida Grandisima"
by Richard Duardo

UTSA-owned art must be moved by designated staff

By Tim Brownlee
Assistant Director of Public Affairs

(May 8, 2007)--If you decide you want to replace artwork on the walls of your UTSA office or move it to another office -- freeze in your tracks. It could be UTSA-owned art.

Artwork attached to the walls of your office is considered permanent and can be removed only by designated staff. The artwork is part of the UTSA Art Collection, and each department is responsible for its safekeeping.

According to university policy, UTSA-owned art can be packed and moved only by personnel designated by the Office of the President.

UTSA-owned art is defined as items acquired through the UTSA Public Art Committee or purchased by the UTSA Office of the President for public display, excluding Texas Folklife Festival posters.

To determine if art in your office is university-owned or to make arrangements to have artwork relocated, contact Arturo Almeida, UTSA art specialist and UTSA Art Collection curator, at (210) 458-4983 or contact Jon Mosel, capital asset manager, at (210) 458-6130.

Read more about the UTSA art-removal policy in the Fiscal Management Operations Guide.


UTSA-owned art policy

  • UTSA-owned art is acquired, distributed and positioned at the discretion of the president. Because the property manager (capital asset manager) is responsible for all art, art distributed to the 1604, Downtown and Institute of Texan Cultures campuses, it is the indirect responsibility of all individuals to report any damage or theft to the UTSA Police Department.
  • Art that is positioned in a UTSA department or common area may not be relocated without the approval of the president. This includes relocation from one wall to another in an area or to another area.
  • Only those personnel authorized by the president may handle art for any reason. In the event that the current positioning has become insecure and presents a risk of damage or theft, the property manager must be notified immediately to remedy the situation.
  • Art may not be removed from the UTSA campuses without approval from the capital asset manager. Only authorized personnel can transport art.

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