UTSA adopts new online calendar system

By Lowa Mwilambwe
Director, University Center

(May 1, 2007)--Effective May 1, UTSA will take the first step to move the current Web event calendars to a new integrated calendar system supported by Resource25 software.

View the new UTSA calendar.

Additionally, UTSA will migrate all other university calendars to Resource25 by August 2007. Until August, the new calendar will be available only through the university network. After testing and feedback, the calendar will be accessible via the Internet by August.

Resource25 is a calendar and scheduling program that UTSA used previously only for class and event scheduling. Moving to the integrated calendar will make it easier to learn about events throughout the UTSA community by centralizing event listings. When development is complete, departments and colleges will be able to feed calendar listings to the Web sites. Additionally, the new system will enhance space utilization and allow for better coordination of resources.

For more information about the new calendar, contact John David Garza, UTSA Resource25 administratior, at (210) 458-4736.

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