Donald Robin
Donald Robin
(Photo by Mark McClendon)

UTSA First-Year Faculty: Professor Donald Robin

By Lydia Fletcher
Special Projects Writer

(June 21, 2007)--UTSA Honors College Professor Donald Robin came to UTSA from San Diego State University, where he was part of a joint doctoral program of San Diego State University and the University of California - San Diego.

At UTSA, Robin began an interdisciplinary, inter-campus doctoral research-training program in communication sciences and disorders between UTSA and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA). Additionally, he began developing a speech and motor research lab at the UTHSCSA research-imaging center. The doctoral program he is helping to create will include students and faculty from UTSA and UTHSCSA.

Lasty year, Robin and Peter Fox, adjoint professor of biomedical engineering, collaborated to establish a core program in human neuroscience for the Honors College. It includes a course introducing students to human neuroscience, a statistical course in neuroscience meta-analysis and an imaging methods course. Colleagues at the health science center are helping to teach the courses that are open to all advanced students.

Robin's research is on the study of the neurobiology of motor learning with a focus on developing treatments for stroke survivors or those with brain disorders or Parkinson's disease. Last spring, he taught an honors seminar on voodoo science.

An avid guitarist, Robin hopes to start a band here in San Antonio.

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