Crickets on the march

Wet weather causes increased cricket problem

By Victoria O'Connor
Customer Relations Representative, Office of Facilities Operations

(July 19, 2007)--Wet weather following last year's drought have resulted in a large increase in the population of field crickets throughout the San Antonio area and on the UTSA campuses. The dramatic increase in crickets makes it challenging to control them.

Crickets are more active at night, and they migrate toward lighted streets and buildings. While they cannot survive indoors, they enter buildings through open windows and doorways.

Campus buildings and other areas are being monitored daily and facilities services staff members are taking steps to treat and control cricket infestations where they are found. The housekeeping staff also is working to clean up dead crickets when they become aware of them, and this will be an ongoing effort.

The Office of Facilities Operations appreciates your patience as we attempt to address the problems associated with both live and dead field crickets on campus.

For more information, contact Facilities Work Control at (210) 458-4262.

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