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UT System mandates UTSA network ID change

By Alex Morones
Technical Writer and Editor, Office of Information Technology

(July 24, 2007)--The UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) has begun a project that will bring the university into compliance with UT System policy UTS165, the information resources use and security policy. The policy is the foundation for the UTSA security policy.

A provision of the new policy is that every UT System institution must create unique identifiers for network log-ins. The identifiers will stay with individuals for the entire time they are UT System employees. The network ID change is part of an ongoing program to increase security at UTSA.

"Many new security projects at both the UTSA and the UT System levels are underway at this time and they should lead to more protection for data and research than we have had in the past," said Annette Evans, UTSA information security officer.

A new ID will be created for all UTSA faculty and staff members. This ID will consist of a randomly generated ID consisting of three letters and three numbers such as "abc123."

The ID will be used whenever you log on to the network. Currently, most UTSA faculty and staff members enter their name (john.doe) along with a password. The new ID will be entered on the log-in screen in place of your name.

According to Bryan Wilson, UTSA executive director of enterprise services, "Although this may seem like a major change, in our testing we have found that most users will be able to make the transition to the new ID in just a few days."

For more information, visit the UTSA Information Technology Web site.

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Important notes on log-in changes

  • Your e-mail address will not change.
  • Your log-in password will not change.
  • The first group of IDs will be changed in late September.
  • You will be notified before your ID will change.
  • OIT will conduct meetings to discuss the change and to answer questions.
  • As always, the OIT Help Desk at (210) 458-5538 can assist with log-in problems.
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