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Ventilation work in MS Building begins Aug. 13

By Victoria O'Connor
Customer Relations Representative, Office of Facilities Operations

(Aug. 10, 2007)--At the UTSA 1604 Campus, maintenance on the Multidisciplinary Studies Building air-handler units is scheduled from Aug. 13 to approximately Sept. 25. All work will be performed between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m., Monday-Friday.

The UTSA Police Department and Testing Services will not be affected by the maintenance work. However, all other rooms and areas in the building may experience a temporary loss of air conditioning, falling dust and debris as ducts are opened.

As a precaution to prevent possible damage, occupants of the building should either cover or remove and secure items on desktops and other personal items at the end of each business day.

Additionally, there may be a slight odor in the MS Building caused by cleaning materials used to sanitize and seal the ducts.

For more information, contact Facilities Work Control at (210) 458-4262.

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