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UTSA offers discrimination prevention training

By Diane Piña
Diversity Trainer, Office of Institutional Diversity

(Aug. 30, 2007)--The UTSA Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) will offer several dynamic and interactive training workshops this fall for faculty, staff and student employees on preventing discrimination and harassment, and increasing diversity awareness in the workplace.

"There is a class for everyone -- faculty and staff, supervisors and non-supervisors, and student employees," says Gail Jensen, OID interim director and legal affairs associate counsel. "The classes are really fast-paced, and they're packed with information. They are structured so that the participants really stay engaged. There are great audiovisuals and case studies, so that you leave the class with concrete tools to use on a day-to-day basis at work."

The workshops goals are to:

  1. Ensure that UTSA has a safe, respectful and productive place to study and work, free from all forms of discrimination and harassment
  2. To ensure that all staff and faculty supervisors attend the discrimination prevention class designed especially for managers
  3. Offer opportunities for all employees to explore diversity and how issues of diversity intersect with discrimination prevention
  4. Inform the UTSA community about the role, responsibilities and services of OID


OID can design special trainings and workshops on discrimination and harassment prevention to address specific interests or needs of your work team, department or student organization.

For more information, contact Diane Piña at (210) 458-4153. The Office of Institutional Diversity is in John Peace Library Building Room 4.04.08, 1604 Campus.


Diversity and Discrimination Awareness Workshops

Sign up today through TXClass for these classes (choose one date per class). Access TXClass through the UTSA Training and Development Web site using your UTEID and password. Each class is 3-4 hours long.

  • Diversity Awareness: M.E.E.T. on Common Ground (SD 308) -- Sept. 12, Oct. 11, Nov. 2, or Dec. 4
  • Discrimination and Sexual Harassment: Your Role and Responsibilities as a UTSA Employee (SD 309) -- Sept. 25, Oct. 24, Nov. 29 or Dec. 12
  • Discrimination and Sexual Harassment: Your Role and Responsibilities as a UTSA Supervisor  (SU 317) -- Sept. 20, Oct. 17, Nov. 5 or Dec. 7

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