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PC refresh program focuses on college labs

By Alex Morones
Technical Writer and Editor, Office of Information Technology

(Aug. 8, 2007)--Each year, the university's budget includes funds to replace outdated personal computers. For the new academic year, $975,000 is budgeted for UTSA's PC Refresh program.

The Information Technology Oversight Committee, comprised of faculty and staff members, discussed how to allocate the funds and decided it would be best to upgrade computer labs in the UTSA colleges. It was determined that some labs were not being used because the computers were outdated. Both Windows-based and Macintosh personal computers are being replaced.

"By concentrating on replacing computers in the departmental labs, we are servicing the largest segment of our campus population -- our students," said Bill Angrove, assistant vice provost for distance learning and academic technology. "The oversight committee felt that we would be able to positively affect more people by upgrading the labs in various colleges on campus."

Although PC Refresh funds will not be used to purchase computer equipment for campus offices, personal computers for any UTSA department can be purchased at the negotiated prices through Sept. 28. Find information on the negotiated prices at the UTSA Office of Information Technology Web site under the "Recommended Hardware" heading.

For more information, e-mail the Office of Information Technology.

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