Anne-Marie Nunez
Anne-Marie Nunez

UTSA First-Year Faculty: Assistant Professor Anne-Marie Nunez

By Lydia Fletcher
Special Projects Writer, B.A., '07

(Sept. 25, 2007)--Anne-Marie Nunez is an assistant professor of educational leadership and policy studies in the UTSA College of Education and Human Development.


LF: What attracted you to UTSA?

AN: The opportunity to help build a program in higher education and student affairs, among the first in the South Texas area, that responds to current and future needs in higher education research and practice. Also, the chance to study issues of college access, equity and diversity in a new place where research on these topics is very much needed. I've conducted research on these themes for many years in California, and I'm looking forward to working with colleagues here who are also committed to these issues.

LF: What research are you conducting or hoping to conduct at UTSA?

AN: My research concerns the factors that facilitate and hinder the college transitions of diverse students -- especially Latino and first-generation college students, how institutions can help smooth these transitions and how different institutions -- such as K-12 and higher education -- can collaborate to further the goal of promoting college access, especially for underrepresented students.

LF: What courses are you teaching?

AN: I'm teaching College Student Development, Survey of Research Methods: Introduction to Research Design, and Program Planning and Evaluation in Higher Education.

LF: What do you think of the teaching atmosphere at UTSA?

AN: I find the teaching atmosphere here very supportive. The other professors in my department are very collegial and open to discussing the teaching process with me and offering advice. My students come from very diverse backgrounds, and they have taught me a lot about themes in higher education that I was not familiar with.

LF: What are your favorite hobbies?

AN: I love to travel -- my family is sort of scattered around the world -- especially in Latin America and Australia, as well as the U.S. And there are so many other places I want to see. I also have pursued photography for a long time. These days, I remember to take pictures mainly when I am traveling.

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