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SECC Spotlight: Boysville fosters brighter future

By Lynn Gosnell
Special Projects Writer

(Oct. 26, 2007)--Founded in 1943 to serve orphaned or homeless boys found sleeping in downtown San Antonio's Travis Park, Boysville (SECC code number: 415020) has expanded to provide a safe and caring environment for boys and girls of all ages from various backgrounds.

Located on a pastoral campus off Loop 1604, Boysville currently serves than 125 children, from infants to age 18 and beyond. A key program at Boysville is its transitional living program, which serves residents who are high school-aged and older. Boysville provides assistance for these young adults to attend technical schools or colleges like UTSA.

Gemma, a UTSA freshman who lives in the UTSA residence facility, Chaparral Village, is grateful for the support she receives from Boysville.

"Boysville is a normal home," she said. "It helps kids go off to college by helping us buy our books, provide room and board and clothing."

Gemma (a pseudonym, at her request) is interested in studying criminal justice and eventually attending law school. When she speaks of her ambition to become an attorney, Gemma sounds confident and mature. But she didn't always have these goals.

"Before I went to Boysville, college wasn't a goal. They helped me accomplish it," she said.

Throughout its history, Boysville's mission has remained constant: to provide a safe environment for children in crisis so that they can become responsible adults. Boysville provides food, shelter, clothing, medicine, community, access to education and -- most importantly -- hope for the future.

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