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Happy tale: SECC helps turn unwanted pet into family member

By Darby, Shiba Inu/Chow
Owner of Jennifer Storm, Assistant Director of External Affairs, Office of the President

(Oct. 18, 2007)--Three years ago my life changed dramatically -- and for the better -- thanks to the Humane Society/SPCA of Bexar County. It was a hot September day and the kennels were full of noisy dogs, many of them long past their puppy months. Families and single people roamed the adoption rooms, peering into cages, searching for that special connection.

And then it happened. Our eyes met, and as cliché as it sounds, it was love at first sight. I knew I wanted this creature in my life. So I wagged my tail and barked.

My name is Darby, and I'm a Shiba Inu/Chow mix. Her name is Jennifer, and she is something called a South Texan. We played some and she, and her brother walked me around the grounds. They decided to adopt me that day, even though I was practically grown up... in dog years. My previous owners had just dropped me off in the Humane Society parking lot without so much as a "so long, sweetheart."

Jennifer gave me a sweet name, Darby, which means "free person" in Celtic. Though I don't speak that language, I'm fluent in Doggish and English and have learned a little Spanish from the Chihuahua down the street.

I'm very attached to Jennifer, and wait by the door for her to get home. I also follow her around the house, which she really appreciates. She really likes it when I peek into the room with the shiny tile. She is very loyal.

Jennifer recently went away for a few weeks and came home with a new person. So now, I'm getting to know David, Jennifer's husband. (I'm not sure of his breed, but I think he is at least part Texan.) We've all moved into a new house and, what can I say, it's a bit of an adjustment. But I like him, because he likes Jennifer a lot.

So here's my recommendation. If you need a dog (or even a cat!) go to the Humane Society/SPCA (SECC code 413167) or one of the other places in town where dogs like me end up. And support these places through the State Employee Charitable Campaign. Your next best friend could be waiting for you there. Mine was.


The State Employee Charitable Campaign runs through Oct. 19.

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