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UTSA hosts San Antonio Poetry Fair Oct. 13

By Tim Brownlee
Assistant Director of Public Affairs

(Oct. 9, 2007)--The UTSA Department of Modern Languages and Literatures will host the 10th annual San Antonio Poetry Fair at 1 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 13 in the Buena Vista Theater on the Downtown Campus. The 54 contest winners and two guest poets will read from their work at the event.

Poets from San Antonio and surrounding areas submitted their original poetry last summer. The winning poems will be published in "Voices Along the River Anthology 2007." Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners in each category.

Free parking will be available in the UTSA Cattleman's Square lot across from the Buena Vista Street Building or in lot D-3 under Interstate 35 at the Durango Boulevard freeway exit. (Download a UTSA Downtown Campus map.)

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San Antonio Poetry Contest 2007 winners

(Below is a partial list; view the complete list at the Poetry Fair Web site.)

T.R.Stephenson Memorial Award
First place: Debra Hill, "Gone To The Mountains"
Second place: David Byrn, "Ghost Poker"
Third place: Marilyn Norton, "A Cowboy Hangs Up His Hat"

Honorable mention:
Linda Banks, "Bronc Busted"
Yvonne Nunn, "Tales of Night"
William Sowell, "Cowboys Don't Have a Union"
John Levacy Jr., "Last Ride"
Antonia Murguia, "He Has Always Been a Cowboy"
Debra Hill, "Listen"
William Sowell, "A Cowboy Ballad"

Tempie Sherritt-Hickman Award
First place: Sheila Ward-Reyes, "In Memoriam"
Second place: Antonia Murguia, "Please Try to Understand"
Third place: Irene Keller, "A Woman's Art"

Honorable mention:
Marco Marroquin, "Blue of the Flame"

Raw Texas Award
First place: Antonia Murguia, "My Sweet, Sweet Texas"
Second place: Sherry Hardwick, "A Portrait of Comal County"
Third place: Jane Perdue, "Deep in the Heart"

Honorable mention:
Gerry Rackley, "Wild Things"
Chloe Brown, "Best Laid Plans"
Carlos Ponce-Melendez, "I Work for Food"

Billie Stroud Award
First place: Antonia Murguia, "Thank You Is Not Enough"
Second place: Sandy Doughton, "National Spelling Bee"
Third place: Carol Griffin, "I Killed Cupid"

Honorable mention:
Jane Perdue, "Wounded Moments"
Chloe Brown, "Entrapped in January"
Toni Falls, "Common Sulphur"
Carlos Ponce-Melendez, "A Useless Absence"
Naomi Duncan, "Katrina's Walls"

Heritage Award
First place: Eric Ross, "Ghost Dance"
Second place: Benjamin Arias, "He Who Stands Alone"
Third place: Marco Marroquin, "The History of Blank Pages"

Honorable mention:
Naomi Duncan, "Refuge"
Manuel Torres Jr., "Geronimo"

Vannoy Lindsey Taylor Award
First place: Loretta Vaughn, "Hat of Blue Feathers"
Second place: Elizabeth Trevino, "Unsung Heroes"
Third place: Carlos Ponce-Melendez, "A Window to My Past"

Honorable mention:
Clyta Coder, "Raindrops"
Carol Griffin, "We Could Have Been"

Humorous Limerick Award
First place: Clyta Coder, untitled
Second place: Gerry Rackley, "Proctology 101"
Third place: Antonia Murguia, "Desperate"

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