UTSA hosts open forum on tuition and fee proposal

(Nov. 12, 2007)--UTSA students, faculty and staff are invited to an open forum on the new Tuition and Fee Proposal at 11:30 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 14 in Business Building Room 3.04.18 at the 1604 Campus. The forum will be simulcast to Frio Street Building Room 2.520 at the Downtown Campus. Participants will be able to participate in discussion at both venues.

The proposal will establish tuition and fees for the Fall 2008 through Spring 2010 semesters. After input from the forum, the document will be finalized and submitted by Dec. 1 to the UT System Board of Regents. It will be considered and approved at the regents' March 2008 meeting.

In the forum, Kerry Kennedy, vice president for business affairs, and Janet Parker, associate vice president for financial affairs, will describe the process, proposal criteria, and tuition and fee recommendations.

"For the Tuition and Fees Committee, student input is incredibly important," said Tommy Thompson, president of the UTSA Student Government Association. "At the end of the day, it is the students who are going to have to cover the cost of their education, so their opinions and needs are of the utmost importance to this committee."

"We are fortunate to have an excellent committee including students and faculty," said Kennedy. "They are dedicated to providing for the growth of the university, while being sensitive to accelerating costs of higher education. We encourage everyone to attend the forum."

For more information, call (210) 458-4201.


Tuition and Fee Committee members

  • Robert Allums, graduate student, College of Public Policy
  • Arturo Ayon, associate professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Matthew DeLeon, student, Student Government Association
  • Ashleigh Ervin, graduate student, College of Liberal and Fine Arts
  • Keith Fairchild, associate professor, Department of Finance
  • Christina Gomez, student, Student Government Association
  • Corey Green, student, College of Engineering
  • Sara Hohne, graduate student, College of Business
  • Joseph Hopkins, student, College of Business
  • Victoria Jones, associate professor, Department of Marketing
  • David C. Matiella, graduate student, College of Architecture
  • Yelena Nevel, student, College of Sciences
  • Briana Rogler-Brown, student, Honors College
  • Paula Salas, student, College of Education and Human Development
  • Shannon Simmons, student, College of Education and Human Development
  • John Schieferle Uhlenbrock, student, College of Engineering
  • Tommy Thompson, student, Student Government Association
  • Raheel Veerani, student, College of Sciences
  • Nicole White, student, Honors College
  • Ayeza Zafar, graduate student, College of Liberal and Fine Arts
  • Janet Parker, associate vice president of financial affairs (committee chair)
  • David Gabler, assistant vice president for communications (ex officio)
  • Sam Gonzales, associate vice president for student affairs (ex officio)
  • Candie Sagehorn, senior director of budget planning and development (ex officio)
  • Terry Wilson, assistant provost for academic budgets (ex officio)

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