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UTSA distributes ethics policy to faculty, staff

By David Gabler
Assistant Vice President for University Communications

(Dec. 19, 2007)--As part of the university's ongoing efforts to ensure enforcement of the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity as it serves the public, officials at UTSA will distribute to each employee a copy of a new ethics policy and related material.

Writing and distribution of the policy to faculty and staff members was mandated by legislation passed during the 80th Texas Legislature last spring.

See a link below to the policy and acknowledgment form. Paper copies will not be mailed to faculty and staff members by university administration.

"This is an excellent time to remind ourselves of our commitment to the highest ethical standards as we further the mission of the institution," said UTSA President Ricardo Romo. "This policy underscores one of our core values as a public institution of higher education, and that is our commitment to integrity in everything we do as members of this community."

"Doing what is right must be a cornerstone of all we do at UTSA," Romo continued. "The public we serve must know that we pursue our institutional mission both prudently and ethically, regardless of our role at the university."

During the development of the university's strategic plan, "A Shared Vision: UTSA 2016," the institution adopted this values statement: "We encourage an environment of dialogue and discovery, where integrity, excellence, inclusiveness, respect, collaboration and innovation are fostered."

Follow these steps regarding the new ethics policy:

  1. Visit the UTSA Office of Legal Affairs Web site and read the new ethics policy under the heading "Conflicts of Interest Policy, HOP 4.31" heading. After reading the new policy, select the "Conflicts of Interest Acknowledgement Form for HOP 4.31 Conflicts of Interest Policy (Word Format)" link to download the form and print it.
  2. Under the same heading, read more at the "Code of Ethics, HOP 4.1" and "Texas Government Code: Standards of Conduct; State Agency Ethics (Tex. Gov. Code § 572.051)" links.
  3. Each UTSA employee must read the new policy and print and sign the acknowledgment form. Department chairs and supervisors are required to print a copy of the policy and distribute to employees who do not have ready access to a computer.
  4. Supervisors must ensure that all employees have read the policy and signed the Conflict of Interest Policy Acknowledgement form, and a signed copy of the form must be on file for every employee.

Employees with questions or concerns can contact the UTSA Office of Legal Affairs at (210) 458-4105.

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