Maps of 1604 Campus road construction
(Thick black line in lower photo indicates new road)

Brackenridge Road closes for construction

By Victoria O'Connor
Communications and Customer Relations Representative, Facilities Services

(Feb. 25, 2008)--George Brackenridge Road at the UTSA 1604 Campus will be closed February 25-June 20 for construction of a roadway and traffic circle to connect West Campus Avenue to UTSA Boulevard.

The road will be closed from the road between University Oaks Apartments Units 2 and 3 to parking lot 5, south of the Convocation Center. Parking lots 10 and 11, UTSA Boulevard and University Oaks Apartments Unit 3 will not be accessible from Brackenridge Road during the construction period.

Included in the project are two new parking lots along the new roadway that will accommodate approximately 900 vehicles. Signs to temporarily re-route vehicle and pedestrian traffic during the construction will be posted throughout the south side of the 1604 Campus.

For more information, contact UTSA Facilities Work Control at (210) 458-4262.

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