IBM reps
Pictured from left are: Jim Jones, IBM manager of QSE enablement
services; Karen Rosengren, IBM software engineering; Jerry Everett,
IBM Learning testing education specialist; Max Maurer, IBM software
engineer; and Randall Alexander, IBM software engineer.

IBM rep says: 'Knowledge transfer is challenging'

By Kris Rodriguez
Public Affairs Specialist

(Feb. 5, 2008)--The UTSA Department of Computer Science recently welcomed IBM software engineers and other representatives for a two-day software engineering workshop in the Science Building computer laboratory on the 1604 Campus.

Participants from several Texas universities attended presentations and workshops to learn about new technologies and challenges facing the software engineering industry.

Jerry Everett, a certified senior testing education specialist with IBM Learning, discussed the technological equipment used in the industry and the skills needed in the field.

Max Maurer, a 25-year veteran software engineer with IBM, said his laboratory is expanding the workforce using global resources. At the workshop, he described the changes at IBM and other software engineering companies brought on by globalization of the industry.

"There is a voracious appetite for new software, and we need people to produce it," said Maurer. "We could have 100 people and produce it over 10 years or 200 people and produce it over five years."

According to Maurer, one of the biggest challenges is knowledge transfer from the people who wrote the original codes and are nearing retirement, and new employees who will fill their roles. He said prospective software programmers should be curious and skeptical -- and should take advantage of internships that will open them to real-world challenges they don't see in the classroom.

Maurer said IBM usually hires interns after they complete internships with the company. The organization also encourages employees to pursue lifelong learning.

Kay Robbins, UTSA professor of computer science, organizes and hosts the UTSA/IBM Quality Software Engineering Workshop each semester with representatives from various software companies.

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