Top photo (from left): John McGowan (UTSA CIO and vice provost
for information technology), Paul Carney and David Hernandez
(UTSA police chief)
Center photo: Hernandez and Sabrina Nicholson
Bottom photo: Close-up of Golden Whistle Award

Police department creates Golden Whistle Award

By Tim Brownlee
Assistant Director of Public Affairs

(Feb. 6, 2008)--The UTSA Police Department recently created the Golden Whistle Award to recognize individuals in the UTSA community who have contributed to the department's ability to "get the job done."

The first winners were Paul Carney, network technology support specialist in the Office of Information Technology, and Sabrina Nicholson, UTSA police cadet.

"These annual awards recognize those who help us improve our services, who contribute by giving their time and who have gone beyond the call of duty when providing us with a service," said David Hernandez, UTSA chief of police. "It is our intent to 'blow the whistle' on these special people to ensure that others know of their great contribution to our efforts to protect and serve."

"These outstanding awards show in a very tangible way the importance of partnerships within the UTSA community," said Kerry Kennedy, UTSA vice president for business affairs. "I congratulate the first winners of the award."

Paul Carney works with the police department to address all IT needs including computer set-up, software updates and smart phone set-ups, among other tasks. "We wanted to recognize Paul for his commitment and dedication to his job and making sure things are done right," said Hernandez.

Sabrina Nicholson was an unpaid intern from Florida State University who came to the UTSA Police Department. She dedicated many extra hours to the department and was a key contributor to the accreditation process, record keeping and other assigned duties.

"Sabrina's dedication and commitment was such that upon graduating from Florida State University, she applied for a position in our department as a police officer and is currently at the UT Police Academy," said Hernandez. "Her work merits her being one of the first recipients of the Golden Whistle Award."

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