Licensing office offers low-cost research software

(March 31, 2008)--The UTSA Software Licensing Office (SLO) should be the first stop for faculty and staff members who are not sure how or where to purchase research software for themselves or for their departments. Matthew Marr, UTSA software licensing coordinator, will help find high-value software products at low prices for UTSA faculty and staff members.

UTSA holds campus licenses for several commercial software products that can be installed on UTSA-owned and inventoried PCs at no cost to departments, faculty and staff. The software can be used without restriction for academic and research use; commercial and for-profit use is prohibited.

In addition to Microsoft Office products, these software applications are available for installation by faculty and staff:

  • ESRI ArcGIS suite (PC only)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD suite (PC only)
  • National Instruments LabVIEW (PC, Macintosh and Linux)
  • SAS Institute's JMP (PC only)

For a nominal license fee, faculty and staff can purchase this commercial software:

  • Adobe Creative Suite (PC, Mac)
  • SPSS (PC, Mac)
  • SAS Institutes SAS suite (PC, Linux)
  • SafeBoot data encryption (required for PC laptops that contain sensitive data)

For more information or to suggest purchases of other campus-licensed software products, contact Matthew Marr at (210) 458-7271.

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