Emi Sei
Emmi Sei

Student Leader of the Month: Emi Sei is goodwill ambassador

By John Kaulfus
Associate Dean of Students

(April 11, 2008)--Emi Sei has been named Student Leader of the Month for March 2008. Sei is the recipient of a scholarship from the AT&T Foundation.

Sei was nominated by Jennifer Lilly, assistant director for volunteer services, and Sheri Amos, academic adviser in the Thomas Rivera Center. The award is sponsored by the UTSA Office of Student Activities.

Originally from Piedras Negras, Mexico, Sei is a biology and chemistry major and an active member of VOICES (Volunteer Organization Involving Community, Education and Service). Over the last four years, she has logged more than 400 service hours. In her spare time, she loves to go to the movies.

"It gives me great pleasure to nominate Emi Sei for Student Leader of the Month," said Amos. "I was one of the advisers who accompanied Emi Sei and nine other students to Piedras Negras, Mexico, to work at an orphanage as part of the Alternative Spring Break program. Emi's leadership skills were evident before we ever left San Antonio. She was part of the interview committee that selected the students who participated in this year's trip. It is not an exaggeration to say that I was blown away by the quality of student who represented UTSA on this humanitarian trip."

"While in Mexico, Emi wore every hat from travel guide to goodwill ambassador," added Amos. "The hat she wore that I appreciated most was interpreter. It seemed every five minutes someone was trying to get Emi's attention to translate what the children were saying, what the ATM was saying, what the menu was saying -- the questions really were non-stop. Emi's communication skills were definitely put to the test and I'm pretty sure the only time she had a break from the questions was when she was sleeping!"

"She handled everything we threw her way with an unbelievable amount of grace, patience and kindness; everyone can learn a thing or two from Emi's leadership qualities. From start to finish, Emi was an integral part in the planning, execution and ultimately the success of the trip. Emi Sei deserves to be Student Leader of the Month."

According to Lilly, "Emi will be graduating this semester and moving on to do biology research in graduate school. Her contributions to UTSA have been outstanding, and she has made an impact through 400-plus hours of community service through VOICES as well as through her many other contributions to campus."

The Student Leader of the Month Award is sponsored by the Office of Student Activities as a means to recognize outstanding leadership contributions of UTSA students. Nominees must meet these criteria:

  • Full-time UTSA undergraduate or graduate student
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.25 or higher at time of nomination
  • Must have demonstrated excellence in leadership above and beyond typical expectations
  • Nominations must be for actions that positively impact the UTSA community

Nominations are made through the Office of Student Activities Web site and must be submitted by the fourth Thursday each month.


For more information visit the Office of Student Activities Web site or e-mail John Kaulfus.

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