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Renderings of 1604 Campus south parking garage

Second 1604 Campus garage opens April 28

By David Kapalko
Director of Parking and Transportation Services

(April 24, 2008)--UTSA Parking and Transportation Services announces the Monday, April 28 opening of the south parking garage on the 1604 Campus. The new parking facility is on Edward Ximenes Boulevard adjacent to the Science Building and the University Center expansion.

The garage features entrance and exit gates for controlled customer access. Faculty/staff and disabled permit and short-term pay parking will be available in the new facility, which will be accessible 24 hours every day.

>> Download a south parking garage flier with map (PDF format).

Short-term pay parking is available from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday-Friday. Entry gates close at 9 p.m. Hourly parking may not be available during special events. The cashier station is on the ground level adjoining the elevators and facing the University Center.

To allow for faster exiting and less pollution from queuing cars, hourly customers should take their entry tickets with them and pay when they return to the garage and before driving to the exit gate. This ticket system is used at many universities including UT-Austin and Texas A&M.

A thermal energy plant is part of the new garage. According to Rene Colunga, UTSA utilities and project management engineer, the plant is now in operation with one water chiller and two water boilers. The chiller provides cooling for the Biotechnology, Sciences and Engineering (BSE) Building; the boilers will provide heat for the BSE. When the second engineering building is completed this summer, it also will be supported by the energy plant. As the 1604 Campus expands, the plant will accommodate up to six chillers and three boilers.

For more information, visit the Parking and Transportation Services Web site or call (210) 458-PARK (7275).


Access the UTSA south parking garage with faculty/staff south garage permit or short-term parking

1. Faculty/staff can purchase a reserved south garage permit.

A south garage permit will be issued along with a magnetic-stripe card to access the entrance and exit gates. (Magnetic-stripe access cards will be available in Fall 2008. The access card must be used for both entry and exit.) The 2007-2008 cost of a reserved garage permit is $550, or $45.83 per month by payroll deduction. Faculty/staff can upgrade their current parking permits to a south garage reserved permit by contacting Parking and Transportation Services at (210) 471-PARK (7275).

2. Short-term parking is available for $1 per hour.

For short-term parking, drive up to the entry gate and accept an entry ticket from the dispenser. Make payment at the completion of your visit by going to the south garage office or pay station (both located across from the elevator lobby near the UC expansion).

After paying for the ticket, customers will receive a receipt and the ticket will be returned. Go to your vehicle, drive to the exit and insert the ticket into the exit verifier (ticket reader) with the stripe inserted as shown on the ticket. The machine will keep the ticket, and the gate will open. The cashier office will accept U.S. coins, currency and major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express). The automated pay station next to the cashier station will accept paper currency and credit cards.

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