Suzanne Winter
Suzanne Winter

UTSA Spotlight: Associate Professor Suzanne Winter elected to board of international childhood education group

By Ashley Harris
Public Affairs Specialist

(June 26, 2008)--Suzanne Winter, associate professor of interdisciplinary learning and teaching in the UTSA College of Education and Human Development, was appointed to the executive board of the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI).

Winter, who will serve as vice president representing infancy and early childhood education, began her three-year term at the ACEI annual conference in Atlanta.

"I am so honored to be appointed to this position and to be able to represent UTSA in this manner," said Winter. "Throughout the years, ACEI has helped me define my professional goals and assisted me as I continue my work and research."

Winter has been actively involved with ACEI for more than 20 years, during which time she has served as a student branch adviser, as well as on the Texas conference planning committee. An active participant in the organization's conferences, Winter has conducted several lectures at events including her most recent talk, "A Community-based Perspective: The Early On! School Readiness Model."

Winter contributes regularly to various ACEI journals and publications and is the author of "The Early Childhood Inclusion Model: A Program for All Children" (ACEI Press) and "Inclusive Early Childhood Education: A Collaborative Approach" (Pearson Merrill Prentice-Hall).

Founded in 1892, the Association for Childhood Education International is the oldest professional organization in the world dedicated to the development of the whole child from birth to early adolescence. Members include teachers, teacher educators and parents whose primary purpose is to promote the inherent rights, education and well being of children in the home, school and community.

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