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UTSA acquires new grant submission system

By Noe Saldana
Director of Sponsored Programs

(July 3, 2008)--As of July 1, all UTSA grant proposals will be developed and electronically submitted through Cayuse424, a new Web-based system purchased by the university. The new system is easier to use than the previous PureEdge or Adobe applications, and it supports the creation, validation and submission of error-free grant applications.

Cayuse424 is a system-to-system (PC or Mac) alternative to the submission procedure used previously at UTSA for federal applications for National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation grants. Applications for these and other federal or non-federal sponsored grants now will be routed through Cayuse424.

Instead of the old method of downloading PureEdge (or Adobe) from, users now will log in to the Cayuse Web site and create their own application by selecting an agency announcement and using the Cayuse interface.

The user-friendly features include:

  • Error checking before submission using NIH Commons or other federal agency standards
  • Creates a PDF file of the entire application including attachments for review before submission
  • Stores primary investigator profiles for automatic loading into the application and subsequent applications

>> View a video with a demonstration of the Cayuse424 software.

>> View a view on the UTSA version of Cayuse424 including training materials.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration of Cayuse424, call the Office of Sponsored Programs at (210) 458-4340.

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