Rainy day at UTSA 1604 Campus

UTSA offers resources for weather information

By Tim Brownlee
Assistant Director of Public Affairs

(July 23, 2008)--UTSA administration are always mindful of the safety of the UTSA community, whether we are in the hurricane season or an icy winter.

At any time of the year, whether there is excessive rain or ice, students, faculty and staff have three ways to learn the latest information on the operational status of the university: (210) 458-SNOW, two UTSA Web sites, and local broadcast and print media.

UTSA faculty, staff and students can call (210) 458-SNOW at any time for information about the Tri-Campus community regarding the status of classes and employee work schedules. The extension can answer up to 138 calls at a time, but please be patient if you hear a busy signal.

The UTSA Office of University Communications will update two Web sites (UTSA home page and UTSA Today) with information related to the university's status.

In the advent of extreme weather, UTSA provides all area broadcast and print media outlets with the latest information in a timely manner. The university initially communicates with both WOAI Television and WOAI Radio.

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