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Democratic National Convention banners
Top photo: UTSA students Frank Carni and Hilda Moeller
Bottom photo: Republican National Convention sign on the
Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul

>> Video interviews:
UTSA student Hilda Moeller, KABB-TV (9/4/08);
Amy Jasperson, UTSA assistant professor of
political science
, KABB-TV (9/5/08);
UTSA student Frank Carni, KABB-TV (9/5/08)

Part II: UTSA opens doors to national political conventions

By Cindy Brockwell
Special Projects Writer

(Aug. 29, 2008)--Last week, we profiled three UTSA Honors College students attending the Democratic National Convention. They were there with a non-partisan academic program of the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars.

This week, UTSA honors students Frank Carni and Hilda Moeller are in Minneapolis-Saint Paul for similar pre-convention seminars before the Republican National Convention, Sept. 1-4. Time Warner Cable San Antonio assisted the students with a monetary gift and cameras, and the students are recording their experiences through photos and videos.

>> Check out their convention blog at the College Perspective site.

Frank Carni II is a third-year political science major at UTSA. He views the experience as "an amazing opportunity that any Republican, especially a student of politics, would cherish." Born in Pensacola, Fla., Carni moved often with his family. San Antonio has been his home for 10 years. He graduated from Ronald Reagan High School and chose UTSA's Honor College to "keep him close to home while getting a wonderful education."

His interest in the political process stems from his parents. "From a young age, my parents stressed the importance of voting and the privilege we have as Americans to choose our leadership," he explained. He respects officeholders who speak their minds and who stay focused on serving their constituents and their country. Carni monitors a variety of news sources to hear differing political perspectives, which he sometimes finds comical.

He has attended bipartisan political forums for young Americans. His six-hour fieldwork assignment is with the Republican Party of Texas.

Hilda Moeller personifies the cultural diversity that is UTSA. She is a naturalized American citizen from Guadalajara, Mexico. A junior history major, she came to UTSA via San Antonio College.

Moeller's interest in politics was sparked upon her arrival in the United States. She studied both major party platforms and identified with the party that reflected her own conservative values. In the late 90s, she watched a televised class on American citizenship taught by former U.S. Rep. Newt Gingrich. There she learned about our country's founding and the rights and responsibilities of being an American citizen.

"At that time, I was an American resident who had fallen in love with this country, its history, its Judeo-Christian principles," said Moeller. "Gingrich's teaching was the last gentle push I needed to become an American citizen."

She stays informed and encourages others to vote, and studies current events via the Internet and newspapers. Her previous political experience includes volunteering with the Republican Party in New Braunfels.

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